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Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Offshore Development Center or ODC is essentially a dedicated pool of specialized resources that acts as virtual extensions of your own development teams of your country. The purpose behind an ODC is to take advantages of the technological know-how availability in India, cost advantages and the reduced time to market. It is like your own office, your own staff, your own brand but working in India in low cost for you dedicatedly with-out the benefits.

Why Offshore Development?

  • You can hire specialized resources from our Offshore Development Center in India who virtually work within your organization.
  • You can hire minimum of 1 resource to maximum of any number of resources for short / long term assignments.
  • No recruitment charges
  • Resources are available immediately.

Prata Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Prata IT Solutions maintains an Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India essentially to provide cost-effectiveness to its Partners and Clients around the globe. Prata's approach is to have a pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resource available to its Clients on a dedicated or as-needed basis. Prata IT Solutions organizes and manages the team, supervises the project life cycle and constantly trains and keeps the Team updated with the latest development concepts and technologies. Prata IT Solutions maintains the intellectual talent to meet the explicit business objectives and growing needs of its individual Client. Prata's ODC acts as a virtual extension for the Client. Our offshore team members hold at minimum bachelor degrees in computer science (most have Masters degree) which insures a high threshold of technical competency and language skills. We keep close relationships with the world-renowned software engineer education centers - like IIT, which provides us an abundant source of highly-skilled software engineers to ensure the high quality of our offshore staffing services.

Why Prata as your ODC?

  • Dedicated Development Team.
  • Established IT infrastructure.
  • Full operational control. We do not interfere with your ODC team at any time except the regular technology update meet.
  • Using Prata IT Solutions World Class infrastructure and office facility in India
  • Replication of production environment
  • Using secure internet technologies, encryption, and virtual private networks to enable offshore staff to directly work on the systems in your office
  • Offshore team members from Prata conduct themselves as if they were your employees, and adopt your corporate culture, values and goals
  • Affordable cost plans with access to best talents in India.
  • Best known project execution process.
  • High Speed Internet facility.
  • Best support as a back bone for 365 days by 24/7 support.
  • Best Project Managers to manage your ODC team.

How it works Prata?

  • According to your request, we will provide the resumes of engineers who possess the relevant technologies and skill sets you require. This process will best meet your pre-defined criteria and can be additionally interviewed by you before launching new projects.
  • Our competitive pricing is quoted on monthly rate for engineers according to the technical level, programming expertise required, and the project scope.
  • At the commencement of new strategic partnerships, when the service begins, we can communicate directly by email, instant messenger, or telephone, so that the offshore team members can respond promptly working in conjunction with your team.
  • You can control the progress of the offshore team by web-based project management tools. We can submit daily or weekly progress reports tailored to customer needs.
  • We allow you to build your offshore facilities one cubicle at a time - you can always add or reduce staff.
  • As a turn-key solution we provide facilities, human resources, recruitment, payroll, and inclusive services for all offshore team members.
  • With VOIP, Email and Instant messenger you will be able to communicate with your team effectively
  • We also have a Guest House close to the development center for executives or members of Client teams visiting India for extended period.

Business Opportunities

Prata IT Solutions believes strong partnership with clients is an integral part for successful project implementation. Prata invites everyone to take advantage of a special referral opportunity. We believe we have the best referral programs of all those offered by payment systems.

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