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Education & Learning

Education enables individuals and lays down the foundation of a mature and productive society thereby resulting in a strong and self-sufficient nation. The constant evolution of technology in the High Tech industry necessitates frequent, easily accessible, and reliable web-enabled knowledge upgrades and education.

Industry Challenges

  • Existing learning models too static to adapt for frequent change in job roles and requirements
  • Lack of mechanisms to effectively share tacit knowledge arising as part of day-to-day work
  • Increasing number of specializations and the need for highly specific courses
  • Making the “right” and “most relevant” information available in a single instance instead of the user having to navigate through a sea of information
  • Increasing requirement of learning through peers and collaboration

Recognizing this, Prata IT Solutions offer solutions that make education more enriching, Prata provides the following services:

  • Prata’s Campus Management Solution (SmartCampus) is an administrative suite that provides students, alumni, faculty, staff and management with immediate access to real time information and connects that information to specific action.
  • Consulting to analyze needs and recommend solution designs for employee and customer needs
  • Building end-to-solutions that use multiple modalities to enable learners to effectively retain information
  • Analyzing, designing, and developing media-rich, interactive, easily searchable, SCORM/AICC compliant custom content
  • Building content for varied modes of instruction such as classroom, online, blended, synchronous, and asynchronous

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