• CMMi Level 3,
  • ISO 27001:2005 & ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • A CMMi Level 3 Certified
  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • An ISO 27001:2005 Certified

Prata - Transforming IDEAS into REALITY

Prata IT Solutions is a Custom Software Development and Offshore Employee Leasing Company located in Hyderabad, India. Prata offers a wide range of IT related solutions at extremely competitive prices, with quality that exceeds our customers' best expectations.

Prata is visualized and formed by a group of enthusiastic professionals, who never hesitate to take up any kind of challenges from its customers, dedicated and committed to the completion of such assignments. It partners with major consultancies and vendors worldwide empowering them to deliver complex integrated business solutions. The employees of Prata have been handpicked based on their skills, passion for their work and good moral values. Key to the company's achievements is its transparent, role based management style which empowers employees within their jobs.

Prata is a company specializing in the development of uniquely architecture, flexible software products utilized as building blocks for the rapid creation of a wide variety of business solutions. The types of business solutions, developed by the Prata set of products, vary from Customer Relationship Management to Message Management Solutions. These solutions help organizations to retain and attract both internal and external customers.

The unique architecture and flexibility of the Prata products allow our clients to increase significantly their competitiveness and Return On Investment. The major aim of our products is to help organizations to retain their existing customers and attract new customers by improving productivity, increasing efficiency, accelerating information flow, sharing and minimizing the work, building team work and reducing the communication costs.

The Prata products and solutions are distributed worldwide by a select group of Prata partners in a variety of vertical and horizontal markets.

There're millions of web site design development company and website designers developers on the Internet. Perhaps you've seen many of them today. Why choose us and not someone else and chose Prata IT Solutions( website development company in India services)? It all depends on what is important for you.

Why should you choose us for your Business?

  • "Customer is the business for the organization. Without customer there is no business" is our core philosophy. We treat employees as a kind of customers. These are the people who deal with the external customers and improve the business. Hence providing the facilities to the employees to serve the customers is necessary and essential.

  • Prata provides the tools to the employees of your organization to share the information, knowledge with their colleagues, increase the productivity, increase customer satisfaction and hence improve your business.

  • Retaining the existing customers is more important for your business than attracting the new customers.

  • Prata's Work-flow management leverages your investments in IT and improves your return on Investment.

"Quality" is our Priority.

Prata has constructed its own internal standard documents for development of its products and execution of the projects of its customers. Each employee has to abide by these rules and follow the standards. Prata gives priority to these quality standards for better quality.

Generally Prata's products come with rich user-interface to attract your customers and bring goodwill to your organization. Most of the colors, fonts used in the systems are customizable.

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